Soul City Men

Mission Statement

Soul City Men exists to build a community of men who explore and live out their Christ-centered purpose.

Soul City Men welcomes all men without judgement. Our aim is to connect you to God and others, with a result of transformation. Through seasonal gatherings, healthy small groups, mentoring and meet-up events, Soul City Men seeks to create a passion towards transforming into the man God designed you to be.

The best way to stay up to date is to join the Soul City Men Facebook page HERE.

Soul City Men sponsors three seasonal events throughout the year. These events are designed to promote connection among men, spiritual and leadership development, as well as promote transformation in a fun and relaxed environment.

These events encompass a wide range of activities, from cookouts to leadership events to worship nights.

Future Events:

TBD – Worship Night

The Soul City Men’s Mentoring program exists to promote spiritual growth through friendship.

The Soul City Men’s Mentoring program is based on Proverbs 27:17

As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.

It is a ministry that intentionally develops friendships among men in different seasons of life. Men invest in the lives of each other through encouragement, guidance, and listening. The goal is to form lasting and organic relationships that are a source of support, growth and strength.

Applications to apply for the mentoring program are now closed.


Program Requirements

  • The mentor and mentee relationship is a commitment from February 1 to December 31.
  • Mentors and mentees make contact once a week.
  • Mentors and mentees meet once a month in person (~1.5 hours).
  • Mentors and mentees agree to pray for each other regularly.
  • Mentors and mentees are regular attenders, faithful givers and entrenched in the Soul City Church community.

Meet-Up Events

Soul City Men understands the importance of community in the life of men. Every month or two, Soul City Men will sponsor a Meet-Up Event to help foster and develop community.

These events are designed to be easy to attend and encourage meeting new people.

The best way to stay up to date on these events is to join the Soul City Men Facebook page HERE.