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  • Rick Suriano says:

    Carlos brought the house down. We were visiting Soul City Church from Indianapolis for our niece’s dedication but we did not know we were in for such s treat. This sermon by Carlos made my Top 3 List. Fantastic message at a wonderful church. Congrats and keep up the good work Soul City Church!

  • Paula says:

    God loves us because He loves us. God is love.

  • Josephine Smith says:

    I loved these messages by Carlos and would like to know more about his ministry in PR, How can I get in touch with his ministry,I’ve been living in Tampa, Florida for the past 50 years and have been a member here of a non profit organization that is always looking to help those in need,that’s why I’m interested in finding out more about his ministry. Thank you very much for any information that you may provide.
    Josephine Smith

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