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  • Michelle McClennan says:

    There was a new song that we sang that day, we really liked it. Would it be available for download?

    • Soul City says:

      Hi Michelle, The song is called “Run” and it was written by our worship leader Patrick Mayberry. Unfortunately it is not available for download yet, but stay tuned!

  • Nick Chien says:

    Can you please send me the quote we went over last week and again today about our identity in christ? I want to print this and paste it on my mirror in my bathroom so I can wake to these truths every morning.

    • Soul City says:

      Hi Nick, here you go!

      You are God’s child.
      You are created In God’s likeness.
      You are God’s incredible work of art.
      You are a whole new person with a whole new life.
      You are a work in progress.
      You are God’s Temple where His Holy Spirit dwells.
      You are totally and completely forgiven.
      You are more than a conqueror.
      You are God’s messenger to the world.
      You are an agent of peace and reconciliation.
      You are the salt of the earth.
      You are the light of the world.
      You are greatly loved.

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