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  • Hope says:

    I first came to Soul City on Easter Vigil this year. My cousin had recently passed away this past Christmas, and I discovered through her blog and talking to her that she goes to a church called Soul City. So I became more curious about the place she loved after she had passed away. I know my cousin inspired me to finally decide to go on my own on Easter Vigil of all days. I had that “aha” moment of realization when I went. I had an overwhelming, intense, emotional connection during the service. I broke down and cried most of the time. The more I let myself cry the more I felt alive and aware and finally home. It was like a heavy weight is being taken off of my chest and felt in my core a warmth of comfort take over. I swear on everything that is my moment. I can’t really put into words how good of a feeling it was. Since that day I am constantly learning, wondering, questioning, but loving everything about Jesus. I did look into other churches, but then I went online tonight to watch this Mother’s Day service and am so happy I did. The fact that Soul City is making and effort to be activists for justice (just like Jesus), and not spewing one specific view or saying that “privilege” is this made up notion is so reassuring! It affirmed that Soul City is trying to make disciples of Christ. Because Christ would want us all to he doing what we can to fix the system. I truly believe Soul City is making God proud by their message.

    • Soul City says:

      Hi Hope,
      Thank you for taking the time to share these sweet words with us. We are deeply sorry for your loss. It’s never easy, but we are encouraged by reading of God’s comfort and faithfulness in this time. Glad you found this timely word and that it blessed you! We hope to see you at Soul City Church soon! All the best!

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