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  • Rachel Bailey says:

    I how pastor broke down the story in an understanding way. With everything that is going on with rape and abuse of women right now I wish Pastor J would not have left out the consequences God required of David for his sin. The ending of this message just makes it seem like if we are repentant God will just forgive us and our actions are consequence free. Sure, David got called out by Nathan. But in this day, women are thirsty for God that is for them, a God that will be their protector against abusive men and that will hold men accountable for their actions. By leaving out the consequence of David losing his child, despite David’s pleas to God, Pastor J leaves out the image of God as a just God, even as he is a gracious God. He leaves out the view of God as a God who has women’s backs and the God who is the Father who disciplines and I think it is an incomplete and a bit of a lost opportunity to show women the support they need at this moment in our world.

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