Step Into Marriage


Jess & Drew’s Story

Soul Mates was undoubtedly the best decision we made for our marriage. As the crazy season of wedding planning is filled with dresses, cakes, flowers, and many beautiful decisions; it is very easy to lose sight of the fact that weddings are really about the marriage that is beginning.  We had a lot of people help us prepare for our wedding day, however, Soul Mates prepared us for our marriage.

We were paired with a mentor couple, who went to the difficult places of relationships and helped us dissect situations, decisions, and expectations. They prayed for us and with us, and were a partner for us in this journey. I will never forget those conversations around that table, and I believe it strongly reinforced and created the foundation that our marriage was built on.

They then paired us with our Pastor, Sean, who would officiate the ceremony. Before Sean even started the logistics of the ceremony he wanted to find out about Drew and I as individuals and together as a couple. We felt support, encouragement, excitement, and passion from Sean through the entire process. We made lifelong friends with all of the people involved and and I know they will continue to shape our marriage.

We got married in May of 2016 and went through the class in the fall of 2015. I am so thankful that we put Soul Mates as a priority; before the planning and the wedding events took place we were able to take time out to focus on us, our future, and our relationship. We went through classes that talked about tangible items like communication, finances, and family of origin. The time we spent reading, talking, and praying helped us better understand each other and what the other person would be bringing into our lives. We had time to put our whole soul into this class and into each other before the chaos of the wedding planning took place in the spring.

May 7th was by far the best day of our lives, but even more so because Soul Mates gave us the confidence and structure for our marriage. We have seen the situations, advice, and practices we learned from Soul Mates play out daily in our marriage, and it constantly reminds us how thankful we are for that season of learning and growth.

Soul Mates

Soul City wants to help prepare you for a lifelong, fulfilling and transforming marriage. Our 8-week Soul Mates class for engaged couples includes:

  • A one hour introductory meeting with a Soul Mates Team Leader Couple.
  • 4 group classes (on Monday evenings) with other engaged couples. Attendance at all Monday evening sessions is required.
  • 4 mentor sessions where you will identify your strengths and growth areas as a couple and prepare to become husband and wife.

Our class runs two times per year, in the fall and in the spring. Our class is designed for couples who regularly attend Soul City Church and call Soul City Church their home. If you are interested in signing up for the next class, please read the Introduction to Soul Mates. Then, submit a Confidential Soul Mates Application. We require both you and your fiance to submit separate applications and we do not process your applications until both are submitted.

Our Spring 2019 Session is closed but we are currently accepting applications for our Fall 2019 Session which will begin in late September or Early October. Our classes fill up very quickly, so we encourage you to apply early.


If you are interested in requesting a Soul City Pastor to perform your wedding ceremony or renting space at Soul City for your wedding, please read for more information.


If you have questions about Soul Mates, please send us a message.


There are no scheduled marriage events at this time. Stay tuned via social for the latest events and updates!