Jan 15 | 22 | 29 – YOU.0 Series

By January 12, 2017Events

Most people spend most of their lives chasing after who they think they should be and who they think others think they should be, rather than becoming who they already are.

There are truths of you that are not up to you or up for debate.

They are truths about you from the heart of God.

Transformation happens when you begin to become who God says you already are.

Join us for this new series, Sundays in January at 8a | 9.30a | 11a and 12.30p.

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  • Jeanette Jordan says:

    Good morning, appreciated the awesome wisdom from God Sunday look forward to the next. If possible can I have the Link or information regarding the non profit statistics

    • Shannon Douglas says:

      Hey Jeanette! So glad you were able to join us! Here is the info you were looking for (it comes from 501c.com): The number of new Non-Profits in America is 10 times greater than the number of New Business startups. MEANING – that currently, for every business started…there are TEN Non-Profits started! Currently there are over 1.5 MILLION Non-Profits in America alone.

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