Group Childcare

We are committed to being the church seven days of the week. One of the ways we do that is by inviting small groups to meet at the building. Some groups with children even choose to hire childcare providers to be with their children in one room while the parents meet in another room. It can be really good for families and our church yet it opens us all to some liabilities. These guidelines are intended to minimize the liabilities for all of us.

Your group is invited to provide childcare for your children at the building while your group meets as long as these things are true:

    Your group also meets at the building (rather than dropping off your children and going somewhere else).
    Each childcare provider has completed a background check through the church staff.
    The group commits to having the appropriate ratio of childcare providers per number of children in their group (based on the Illinois DCFS requirements):

Childcare Ratio Chart

    The group leader commits to resetting all rooms used by the group (for the meeting and for childcare) to being Sunday-ready per the look book in each room.

Offsetting Group Childcare Costs

What happens in group is so important to our transformation that it deserves our focused attention. That is why we recommend not bringing children to group. Soul City does not want paying for childcare to be a barrier for anyone and is pleased to offset childcare expenses related to group meetings. We hope this helps every group experience the gift of uninterrupted time together.

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