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Small Groups: Circles > Rows

At Soul City Church we believe that God created each of us to be a part of loving, intentional relationships that help us become more of who God desires for us to be. We have found that people grow better in circles (like Small Groups) than they do in rows.

We have women’s, men’s, married couple’s and co-ed Small Groups that meet all over the city. There are three times per year when you can sign up for a Small Group, in the months of January (Winter Session), May (Summer Session) and September (Fall Session).

Our Winter Session of Small Groups is currently in session and closed. Sign-ups for our Summer Session will will open on our website on June 2, 2019 at 8a.

If you have questions about groups, please email Sean DelBeccaro, our Small Groups Pastor at


How long do Small Group Sessions last?

Small groups generally last 12 weeks.

What type of commitment do I need to make to join a group?

We ask that you commit to attending at least 75% of the meetings. If you cannot make this commitment, we recommend you take this session off and let someone else have your spot!

Can I join more than one group?

We ask that you are only in one Small Group so that you can go deep with that particular community, and allow us to reach wide to offer space for everyone who wants to join a group. You may join multiple Affinity Groups.

What is an Affinity Group?

An Affinity Group is a group that is community focused and all about building relationships while having fun. These groups are a great way to meet new people and foster friendships here at Soul City Church.

How do I become a Small Group Leader?

The best way to become a Small Group Leader is a three-step process: join a group, serve as an apprentice, then be recommended as a leader.

What about recovery groups?

Soul City Church hosts a meeting of Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) on Tuesday evenings at 7p in the Corner Classroom. You do not have to sign up to attend this meeting, you can simply show up.  While we are very happy and proud to host this group, it is important to note that it is not directly affiliated with our church.

I missed Small Group Sign-ups, what do I do if I want to join a group?

In order to foster community, depth, and soul level conversations, we do not add individuals to small groups mid-session. The good news is a new round of groups will begin shortly! In the meantime, get involved through a Serving Team, more information can be found HERE.

Childcare Offset

What happens in group is so important to our transformation that it deserves our focused attention. That is why we recommend not bringing children to group. Soul City does not want paying for childcare to be a barrier for anyone and is pleased to offset childcare expenses related to group meetings. We hope this helps every group experience the gift of uninterrupted time together.

Complete your offset request here

If you are interested in leading a group, please take a moment to fill out our application.

Leadership Application

Soul City Small Groups Mission and Vision
The mission of our groups is to cultivate a safe and welcoming group environment where people can grow in their relationships with Jesus and others. Our vision is a healthy and thriving Small Groups ministry that grows both deep and wide.

Small Group Leader Job Description

Small Group Leaders cultivate a welcoming and safe environment where people can grow in their relationships with others and with Jesus. More details about the roles and responsibilities of a Small Group Leader are found in the Small Group Leader Job Description.

Group Guidelines

The first step in cultivating a safe and welcoming environment is to establish group guidelines during your very first group meeting. It is incredibly helpful to walk through it together at your first group meeting and set the tone for your group.

Guidelines (PDF)

Meeting at Church and Childcare

We are committed to being the church seven days of the week. One of the ways we do that is by inviting small groups to meet at the building. It can be really good for groups and our church yet it opens us all to some liabilities. The following information is intended to minimize the liabilities for all of us.

For any group that meets at Soul City…

The leader is responsible for each item listed in the Agreement for Groups Meeting at the Church as well as the Kitchen Guidelines.

For any group that meets at Soul City and brings their children…

Groups are invited to provide childcare for their children at the building while their group meets as long as all the guidelines have been followed.

Group Childcare Guidelines

Room assignments…

Once you’ve signed the agreement and followed the guidelines, we’ll assign you a room. Click below to see your room assignment.

Room Assignments

Group Volunteer Opportunities

We encourage you to identify a serving project to do together as a group this session. Serving together is a great way to connect as a group and to do some good in the neighborhood. Our Love Works team would love to get you connected to a serving opportunity. Click here to learn more.