Jarrett Stevens

Lead Pastor

Jarrett grew up in the East Bay of San Francisco. He came to faith at a young age, but it wouldn’t be until college that he would intentionally start following Jesus.He met Jeanne while on a week long trip to Chicago and never quite recovered. After dating a few years, they were married and began working at Willow Creek Community Church in South Barrington, Ill.Jarrett worked at Willow for 12 years as a teaching pastor for AXIS before moving to Atlanta to work with North Point Church. While there, Jarrett worked as the singles pastor and as leader and communicator for 7|22. He’s the author of The Deity Formerly Known as God and Four Small Words.Jarrett is known for his humor and honesty in his teaching, and he is a creative leader with a pastor’s heart. Without a doubt his greatest joy is his relationship with Jeanne, who continues to fascinate him, as well as their two beautiful children, Elijah (whom Jarrett still dresses) and Gigi (self-proclaimed diva of the house).

Jeanne Stevens

Lead Pastor

Jeanne Stevens is one of the lead pastors of Soul City Church in the dynamic West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, IL. Soul City began in the fall of 2010. Prior to starting Soul City Church, Jeanne served on the staff of Willow Creek Community Church for 11 years as a Student Ministry Pastor and on the staff of North Point Community Church for 4 years.Jeanne has had the opportunity to teach, pastor and speak into the lives of thousands of people across the US and around the world. Her passion to develop leaders, to encourage people to live from the fullest part of themselves and to live boldly give her a unique voice of hope and challenge.Jeanne is the author of Soul School, a contributor to the Bible Study and DVD Series “Twelve Women of the Bible” as well as “Real Women, Real Faith”.In addition to pastoring Soul City Church, Jeanne finds great joy in being a wife to her husband of 20 years, Jarrett, and a mom to Elijah and GiGi. The Stevens family lives in the West Loop of Chicago and love trips to the park, cheering for the Chicago Bulls, and the continued pursuit of the city’s best taco.

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Kelly Skiles

Executive Pastor

Sara Emmerson

Creative Pastor

Chris Wheat

Operations Director

Sean DelBeccaro

Small Groups Pastor

Patrick Mayberry

Worship Pastor

Lauren Adams

Soul City Kids Pastor

Laz Rios

Technical Director

Fabi Hamstra

Communications Director

Madeline Holler

Love Works Director

Connor Leadley

Students Coord & Facilities Mgr

Courtney Kalous

Early Childhood Specialist

Rachel Lockhart

Soul City Kids Camp Director

Josh Garner

Visual Director

Katie Lytle

Interim Administrative Assistant Lead Pastor’s Office

Stephanie Miller

First Impressions Director

Elder Team

Soul City Church (SCC) is lead by the Elder Team.

Elders at Soul City are responsible for:

  • Maintaining spiritual, legal and financial accountability for Soul City Church. The Elder team leads with an emphasis on proactivity rather than reactivity, and is committed to strategic visionary leadership rather than internal administrative processes.
  • Creating policies to define church values and biblical operating procedures so that Soul City Church can be a healthy church (spiritually, financially and legally).
  • Ensuring the church’s teachings and practices reflect accurate Biblical theology.
  • Providing accountability to the Lead Pastors to ensure the vision and values determined by the Elders are being carried out.

Our current Elders are Cliff Goins, Angela Griffin, Karrie Hamstra-Wright, Jeanne Stevens, and Jarrett Stevens.

Cliff Goins

Angela Griffin

Karrie Hamstra-Wright


How long does an elder serve?

The elder term is three years with a one-year sabbatical.

What are the prerequisites to being an elder?

  • Consistent attendance at SCC Sunday Gatherings
  • In leadership at SCC for at least one (1) year
  • Giving consistently to SCC for at least one (1) year
  • Able to keep confidential information
  • Excellence in interpersonal, communication and conflict resolution skills
  • Exhibit the six “Cs” of an SCC elder (character, competence, chemistry, culture, courage, calling)
  • Able to lead and shepherd others

What is the selection process to become an elder?

  • Current and past Elders and staff are asked to nominate potential candidates
  • Current Elders screen the Elder candidate list
  • Elder candidates receive a Candidate Questionnaire
  • Current Elders review Elder Candidate Questionnaires. Unqualified candidates are noted and notified. Elder candidates not returning the Questionnaire are automatically disregarded.
  • Elder candidates are invited to training. After the training, unqualified candidates are noted and notified
  • Elder candidates (and their spouse) are interviewed.
  • Final decision made by current Elders on Elder candidates. Unity is necessary to invite a new Elder to serve. Approved and non-approved candidates are notified by phone or in person ASAP
  • New Elder orientation (policies, minutes, Strategic Path and budget)
  • New Elder(s) begin serving their three-year term

How would an Elder be removed prematurely?

In the event an Elder violates the qualifications of an Elder, consistently operates outside the context of Elder policy, suffers a moral failure or demonstrates a significant lack of judgment, he/she may be removed from the Elder team by consensus of the remaining Elders.

How often do the Elders meet?

The Elders meet every other month.

Does an Elders vary in age, or do you have to be elderly?

There are no age specifications. Our Elders are mature and wise, and some of the coolest people around.