Neighboring – May 7, 14 & 21

By May 1, 2017Events

The second of Jesus’ two great commands is to love our neighbor as ourself.
This is easier said than done.

If we are ever going to love our neighbors, we have to know our neighbors. We have to move from ME to WE – from THEM to US. We have to see ourselves as agents of love and grace, sovereignly and strategically placed by God in proximity to the people in our world. We have to see our homes, our neighborhood, and our city as a part of the Kingdom of God. We need to align our lives with the vision God has for our city, and the mission He has for our lives.

Join us for this new series at our new May location, Skinner West Elementary.

8a / 9.30a / 11a / 12.30p.

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