Soul City Kids

Sundays at 8.00a / 9.30a / 11.00a / 12.30p

For infants through 5th graders

Located upstairs

Learn & Grow

Soul City Kids is a fun and safe environment for kids to learn and grow in their relationship with God. Leaders are loving and intentional about partnering with families to make the greatest impact in a child’s life.


Transformation is just as important for kids as they learn and grow. We want what they learn on Sundays to affect how they live the rest of the week. Each gathering, Soul City Kids will learn the stories of the Bible through:
Small Groups

Soul City Kids – Club 45

Club 45 is a Sunday experience designed specifically for 4th and 5th graders. Fourth and fifth graders are in a unique season of life; they’re not little kids anymore, but they’re also not quite teenagers. They still like to have fun and be silly, but they also like challenge and thinking for themselves. This is why Club 45 exists – to give 4th and 5th graders the space they need to explore the Bible and discover God on their own.

Every Sunday
At 12:30p
In the Office upstairs
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If you are interested in serving with Soul City Kids or if you would like more information, contact the Soul City Kids Team.

Soul City Kids Upgrade Weekend

Join us this weekend as we kick off Summer with our Soul City Kids Upgrade Weekend! It all begins with a family picnic on Saturday, June 24 at Skinner Park in the West Loop. Bring a picnic lunch and blanket for your family and we’ll provide the FUN with bounce houses, yard games, and ICE CREAM TREATS! The fun continues on Sunday, June 25 as we celebrate at all four gatherings in the kids new rooms!
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Family Picnic Details:
Saturday, June 24

At Skinner Park

From 11a-1p


If you would like more information, contact the Soul City Kids Team.